11/26/2012 - 'Tis the season

Well, I guess this is my bi-annual blog.

What else can I say but "I've been busy".

To know me on the web (or the lack there of), is to love me

with great understanding and low expectation. But let me tell ya,

if ya bumped into me on the street, we'd be whooping it up!

I'm old fashioned like that.

K- enough of my apologies.

I am well. Working away on the nkotb album-

very exciting. Always surprised at what we come up with.

I shouldn't be after 25 years but I'm grateful none the less.

On the solo side, I am neck deep in my One Man Show.

A lot of work and dedication. I am willing to follow the truth

wherever it may lead. This ain't no cabaret.

I'm blessed with an amazing writer and a wonderful director,

whom i think you'll will be hearing more about as we go.

This show feels like an opportunity to do all the things I've never

done before- and 90% of that is internal.

And hopefully for the audience that will translate externally.

Been doing some cool acting gigs as well.

The movie "The Heat" will be coming out early spring

and they say it is as funny on film as it was making it.

What an awesome gig that was.

I'll keep you posted on all these things.

In the meantime, I threw together a little Christmas bundle for ya.

"A bahgain" as my mother would say.

A little kitsch- the socks and ornament.

And 3 albums CDs I am very proud of-

Talk to Me: the standards, Here We Go Again: fire from beginning to end,

and Come Home for Christmas: so blessed to have collab'd

with so many great artists to create a Christmas album

worthy of your holiday play list- I'm biased, but that shiz is lovely!

Album Cover